Immersive Branding

We help you develop immersive marketing campaigns using the power of artists, creators, and tech

Immersive Branding

We help you develop immersive marketing campaigns using the power of artists, creators, and tech
Immersive art installation for a branded event
Immersive art installation for a branded event
Immersive dome installation with lights
Immersive hallway with light for night event
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 What is immersive branding?

Immersive branding is an experiential marketing activity in which the customer is fully surrounded by branded visuals, sounds, and other immersive features that may resemble an imaginary world. These immersive advertising campaigns place the customer’s experience at the centre; the brand is subtly present. 

An immersive branding campaign is usually developed by a brand’s marketing team, together with a group of creators and artists who are in charge of putting together installations and experiences. These are designed to be innovative and unexpected, stunning customers and creating a positive experience that stays ingrained in their minds.

Immersive marketing activities include: out of home immersive advertising campaigns, on-site experiential marketing activities, immersive installation art, and sponsored or branded venues built (or retrofitted) to prompt a specific feeling. Think artificial fantasy cities, urban transport turned magical, buildings transformed into playgrounds, whole stores retrofitted as forests, and more.

In recent years, tech-driven initiatives using VR, AR and XR have been integrated into immersive marketing activities, amplifying brands’ messages across online and offline environments, and enabling customers to easily interact with immersive campaigns through their own devices.


Selected projects

These are some of our top projects

Immersive art with light and sound
Purple Rise immersive installation
Immersive art installation in Berlin
Syk Dome for immersive branding experiences
Glitter and glass immersive art for branded events
Silk screens art installations
Immersive pieces for experiential marketing campaigns
Infitnite hallways with LED immersive experience
Input your heart rate installation

Why work with us

Benefit from our expertise at the interface of creative minds and brand goals.

Immersive branding expertise.
We are pros at connecting brand briefings with immersive artists.
Network of the best immersive installation artists.
Our network of +1000 creators includes some of the globe’s top immersive artists.
Fast solutions and ideas for urgent pitches.
We understand your tight timeline and are ready to provide quick solutions.
+10 years’ experience with global brands.
We have worked with +100 top brands in the past 10 years.
We take care of everything.
From finding the right immersive artists and suppliers and handling communication, to location scouting, city permissions, contracting and more, we’ve got it.
Value-based matching with the right creative.
We believe that the best creations are made when artists and brands are on the same page value-wise. We make sure this happens.

Expert tip

What our experts recommend

Expert tip
quotes quotes
There is nothing that creates more engagement than offering people a great immersive experience. Immersive installation marketing is, in my opinion, one of the purest ways of giving your customers a credible and valuable moment. It puts the customer in the middle of the story you tell, rather than the brand being the focus of attention. Immersive installation advertising campaigns should be tailor-made for your target audience – ideally relating to an issue, belief, or interest your target customer shares.
From what I have seen in the past 10 years, the best immersive experiences are those that use creators and artists to build fantastic synergetic and immersive art installation pieces that are exaggerated in size and use the very latest technologies: sound sensors, augmented reality, virtual reality, or mixed reality, as well as projection mapping or general multi-sensorial installations. Immersive marketing campaigns succeed when brands give the artist enough freedom to experiment and come up with fresh concepts. Ultimately, their reputation as an inventor relies on how unique their creations are. 
Mario Rueda, co-founder and Marketing Manager at Basa Studio

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to queries you may have

How can immersive marketing techniques help build relationships with customers?

Immersive marketing helps build relationships with customers by creating unforgettable multi-sensorial experiences, which directly relate to customers via a shared topic of interest or pain point.

When do you recommend using a branded immersive experience?

It’s a great idea to use a branded immersive experience when looking to create an awe-inspiring or action-packed moment to reach a new level of engagement with customers. Immersive marketing delivers this moment, creating a positive association that lasts forever.

How long does it take to create a branded immersive experience?

How long conceptualizing, designing, building, and implementing the branded immersive experience will take depends on the size of the project. Feel free to reach out with your briefing, and we’ll get back to you with a cost and timing estimate as soon as possible.

What does an immersive branding experience cost?

The cost of an immersive branding experience depends on the size of the project. For a specific estimate, get in touch with a project brief. More generally, a professionally designed immersive branded experience that uses the latest technology can exceed 50,000 €.

What are the different types of immersive installations that my brand could use in our next campaign?

There are always new types of immersive installations for branding and advertising. Our favorites – and those we’d always recommend – are those involving tech. These could be augmented reality brand experiences, VR brand experiences, multi-sensory marketing campaigns involving sound, taste, vibrations, and more.

What role do creators and artists play in making these immersive experiences happen?

Creators and artists are the ultimate innovators in our world’s marketplace. They’re the ones experimenting with the latest tools the market has to offer, and devising authentic concepts never seen before. In our opinion their role is essential when coming up with groundbreaking immersive experiences.

Other artistic services

Our global network of visual artists is constantly innovating, using a variety of materials, methodologies, tools, and concepts – from strokes of paint to snippets of code.

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