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We create and execute artistic solutions to engage your local target audiences, made by creatives from Berlin and beyond.

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Matching value-based artists and brands

Basa Studio is dedicated to shaping the way brands and creatives collaborate. Our passion is value-based matchmaking for outstanding purpose-driven marketing campaigns.

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Our services for brands and agencies

Benefit from our expertise at the intersection of creative minds and brand goals.

Value-based artist mediation
With our in-depth knowledge of creative scenes, we seek out artists at the forefront of their field who are value-driven and perfect for your project.
Implementation of briefings and artist booking
We have years of experience in executing projects of all sizes – from one-artist commissions to installations with entire production teams.
Pitch support
Developing ideas for a pitch? We're right there with you – tell us your mission, and we'll help you draw up a creative concept.
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Highlighted Artistic Services

Our global network of visual artists is constantly innovating, using a variety of materials, methodologies, tools, and concepts – from strokes of paint to snippets of code.

Successful collaborations

Browse some of our favorite artist and brand collaborations with stunning and effective results.

Graffiti advertising for Sony Playstation

For the launch of the new Marvel Spider-Man game for Sony’s Playstation 5, we transformed a building facade into the campaign visual using graffiti advertising.

Urban art transforms a PENNY supermarket

With lots of paint and tape our Berlin-based artists brought the neighborhood into the supermarket in the heart of Friedrichshain.

Iconic object design for Johnnie Walker

Fine whisky met fine design as a statue of the Scotch brand got custom-painted.

Thomas Sabo x Rita Ora collection launch event

This fashion week highlight showcased street art, as a giant urban-style painting of Rita Ora made an eye-catching photo backdrop.

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Recent Stories

We shine a spotlight on emerging artists, promote trailblazing partnerships between creatives and brands, and amplify cultural initiatives that have the power to take on social and environmental issues.

Our clients

We love helping brands and artists create beautiful outcomes together, and seeing both sides walk away with a smile.

Regarding the artist’s performance, we couldn’t be more satisfied. He succinctly understood the briefing that we assigned to him and interpreted it perfectly in the piece that he developed. In addition, he maintained a thoroughly pro-active attitude with the students (who were our target audience), even going the extra mile and suggesting further applications of his work beyond those which we proposed.
I really enjoyed working with Basa Studio on this new project. The artist is an amazing professional that presented us with a really magnificent artwork through which he successfully transmitted ALDI’s image. We are extremely grateful for this collaboration with Basa Studio, as it was fundamental in allowing us to find the perfect artistic match for our intended project.
Communication with you was great and your offer was very competitive. I will definitely keep you in mind for our upcoming events.

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We're excited to hear from you! If you're looking for artistic solutions for your next creative marketing campaign, send us your briefing. We can also help create a killer concept if you're in an early ideation phase. Check out our services for more.

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