Moss Graffiti

Hire moss graffiti experts to transform indoors and outdoors areas with beautiful plant-based art

Moss Graffiti

Hire moss graffiti experts to transform indoors and outdoors areas with beautiful plant-based art
Moss Street Art action in shopping mall
Moss Street Art action in shopping mall
Outdoors moss mural
Close-up of moss wall in an office
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What is eco graffiti or moss graffiti?

Moss graffiti is a form of art that uses living moss to create living pieces of art in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Moss street art is also known as eco graffiti as it uses moss instead of paint (often toxic to the environment), and, with correct installation, will grow – an ever-changing, alive artwork – on the chosen wall or surface.

Moss street art, along with other types of art made out of moss, has been used in the past decade to decorate offices, lobbies, and other types of venues. It has also been used by brands to create photo opportunities for live events: for example, where attendees pose in front of a wall, on which the brand’s message is formed using moss. More recently, we have experienced brands wanting to use moss graffiti for street guerrilla marketing initiatives, as its beautiful, natural appearance definitely grabs the attention of passers-by. 


Selected projects

These are some of our top projects

Moss graffiti wall for Google
Office wall made of moss
Large moss graffiti mural
Decorated outdoor mural with moss art
Lettering art with moss
Neukölln Arkaden Shopping moss art piece
Neukölln Arkaden moss and graffiti temporary wall
Moss street art in shopping mall
Close-up of moss art

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Expert tip

What our experts recommend

Expert tip
quotes quotes
When it comes to providing a space with a sense of tranquility, nature, and relaxation, moss art is the way to go. We have had hundreds of inquiries for moss art in the last few years. It has grown to be a popular choice not only for individuals planning to beautify a particular location, but also for companies decorating large venues and shopping malls, or even architects wanting to give an environmental look to their buildings, both in interior and outdoor spaces.

The fact that more and more people are interested in moss graffiti for indoors or outdoors has created a lot of interest surrounding the art form. People have lots of questions – particularly about the duration of a moss graffiti piece, and how environmentally friendly these kinds of installations are. There’s a straight answer to both: moss graffiti can be as durable as needed, and as eco-friendly as you want! It all comes down to the kind of materials and the type of moss used.

Heiko Neitzel, visual art expert 

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to queries you may have

How long does moss graffiti last?

Moss graffiti can last a very long time, as long as needed. It all comes down to the quality of the material used. Pieces made using hybrid moss (natural + artificial) are likely to last longer than moss graffiti with 100% natural moss.

What’s the difference between moss graffiti and green graffiti?

While moss graffiti and green graffiti are often used to describe the same thing – the type of graffiti art that is made out of moss – the term “green graffiti” can also refer to the art of creating temporary images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt. This is also known as reverse graffiti.

How much does a moss wall cost?

The cost of a moss wall starts from ca. 1,000-1,500 € per day of work. Generally speaking, a moss graffiti artist will take around 1 day for a 6 sm² wall. However, the duration and the price may vary depending on the dimensions of the surface and the complexity of the design. Projects can be completed faster when multiple artists are involved in the creation of a piece.

How long does moss graffiti take to grow?

The moss used in moss graffiti will be ready to use or place in your space or surface, as our creators already have supply in stock.

Can moss graffiti be applied on wood?

Yes, moss graffiti can be applied on wood.

Is moss graffiti made with fake moss, or is the moss actually alive?

Moss graffiti can be created with 100% natural (alive) moss, or with a hybrid of artificial and natural moss. Either option is possible; which is best depends on your objectives when commissioning a moss graffiti piece.

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