Mate's Artistic Odyssey: Graffiti Advertising Unveiled on the Streets of Europe
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Mate's Artistic Odyssey: Graffiti Advertising Unveiled on the Streets of Europe

Mate's Artistic Odyssey: Graffiti Advertising Unveiled on the Streets of Europe

Betty Vanguard

Discovering Berlin's Street Art Haven

In the vibrant realm of Berlin's street art scene, Mate, a graffiti artist with a distinct flair, finds his muse. The city's open-mindedness towards street art allows Mate's creativity to flow freely, painting the urban landscape with authenticity. From quiet backstreets to forest murals, Berlin's heart beats to the rhythm of graffiti, providing Mate with ample inspiration to make his unique mark in this artists' capital.

Here's Mate talking about his art in Berlin

Mate's Duality: From Realism to Symbolism

Mate's artistic prowess is truly ambidextrous. With one hand, he effortlessly captures bursts of realism that bring his creations to life. On the other, he explores a more symbolistic approach, intertwining both styles to create captivating works of art. A particular forte lies in depicting the human face, where he skillfully isolates delicate expressions to evoke deep emotions within his audience.

Mate for Giorgio Armani

Graffiti Advertising Unleashed: The Fred Perry Mural

When tasked with creating a graffiti advert for Fred Perry, Mate seamlessly blended his hyperrealistic expertise with the client's vision. The mural, overlooking a bustling street in Milan, showcased a young and confident model sporting the new variant of the classic Fred Perry Shirt—black with champagne-colored trimmings. The subtle integration of the brand's logo reinforced a connection between the graffiti advert and the fashion label.

Graffiti ad by Mate for Fred Perry in Milan

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Putting Can to Wall: Collaborating with Fred Perry

The collaboration with Fred Perry required precision and attention to detail. Originating as tennis apparel, Fred Perry's iconic laurel wreath has transcended into various subcultures and streetwear. Mate's task was to create a concise yet impactful statement showcasing the new product. The focus on the champagne-colored trimmings was emphasized by framing the subject within a thick border, guiding the viewer's eye towards the nuanced details.

Close up on the iconic Laurel Wreath of Fred Perry.

Through this graffiti advert, Fred Perry successfully bridged the gap between street art expression and the essence of their clothing designs.

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Mate's Artistic Process and Reflection

Devoting a dedicated week to the project, Mate meticulously primed the wall with regular white paint before embarking on a five-day journey of creation using only spray cans. The resulting mural portrayed a face with unparalleled realism, a testament to Mate's exceptional spray-painting skills. The additional two days were spent crafting the champagne-colored frame, providing a visual gateway to the heart of the artwork.

The client, intrigued by the creative process, witnessed the graffiti advert coming to life. Mate, reflecting on his dual roles as an artist and illustrator, finds fulfillment in both creative freedom and commissioned projects like this one.

Aesthetic Impact on Milan's Streets

Mate shared insights into the Milanese people's reactions to his project. In a city with a more traditional culture, the mural elicited surprise from the locals unaccustomed to such bold expressions of street art. The mural's radiant presence, whether recreational or advertising, underscores the importance of showcasing artistic talent in public spaces. It becomes a beacon of creativity, interrupting the monotony of everyday walks and leaving a lasting impression on passersby.

Also in Milan, Mate collaborated with @streetartinstore @clearchannel_italia in 2022 for a campaign for Wizz Air

Conclusion: Graffiti Advertising as Urban Tapestry

Mate's journey in Europe's street art scene, including the Fred Perry mural, exemplifies the power of graffiti advertising to seamlessly integrate with the urban tapestry. Beyond promotional objectives, these murals become cultural landmarks, infusing life and vibrancy into city landscapes. As brand managers, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between street art and brand identity can open new avenues for creative expression and community engagement (read more on the benefits of mural advertising). Mate's story serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of commerce and creativity, beautifully manifested through the strokes of a spray can on a city wall. 

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