Real Estate Art

Increase the market value of real estate projects through art.

Real Estate Art

Increase the market value of real estate projects through art.
Dubai real estate public art
Dubai real estate public art
Front garage mural in Lisbon
Street art and real estate project
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What is the effect of art on real estate property values?

For decades, it has been proven that real estate and art affect each other’s prices. When a real estate development project integrates artwork, be this public art or interior art, properties are valued more by the market and investors. 

According to Forbes magazine, art is a secret weapon in property marketing. 

Today, real estate developers of all kinds, from high-end luxury to mid-range and smaller-scale development projects, have the opportunity to commission artists – not only to help their project gain traction and financial value, but also to make the neighborhood more beautiful and enjoyable.

The artistic options for real estate managers and developing companies are vast and varied. They can commission small or mid-size sculptures for interior spaces: lobbies, elevators, and hallways, or organize large public art installations and street art murals that offer the local community a great atmosphere and interesting sights. 

Selected projects

These are some of our top projects

Deutsche Bahn Wedding train stration with art
Architectural art sculpture in public plaza
Public stairs in Künzelsau
Indoor bronze sculpture in large shopping mall
PENNY supermarket transformation with graffiti
Basketball court transformation
Artistic wall for hotel lobby
Abstract wall art in public space in Berlin
Mural art in the entrance of hotel parking lot in Frankfurt

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Expertise in the real estate art market.
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From finding the right public art artists and suppliers and handling communication, to location scouting, city permissions, contracting and more, we’ve got it.
Value-based matching with the right creative.
We believe that the best creations are made when artists and brands are on the same page value-wise. We make sure this happens.

Expert tip

What our experts recommend

Expert tip
quotes quotes
You may be surprised how passionate and deeply knowledgeable individual artists or creators are about a core topic that you want to incorporate in your real estate project, whether it’s sustainable and innovative construction materials, clean energy, certain design aesthetics or references, or historical facts. My advice is not to focus only on an artist’s skill, style and technique, but also on their personal interest and value set, and how these match your real estate development project. This way you’ll benefit from synergies, research, knowledge, and maximum authenticity.
Mario Rueda, Civil Engineer and founder of Basa Studio

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to queries you may have

What kind of art can I include in my real estate project?

Everything from a mural for the community, to a public art installation in the nearby park, an interior sculpture piece by an accomplished artist, or a beautifully designed hand-painted ceiling for the shared areas of your building.

How do I decide what kind of art will have most impact on my real estate project?

In order to decide what kind of art will have most impact on your real estate project, we recommend defining your objective. Is your goal to increase the financial value of the neighborhood? If so, then a combination of different artistic interventions in the neighborhood’s main public areas, created by established or upcoming artists, is likely to be an excellent choice.

How do I choose the right artist for my real estate project?

To find the right artist for your real estate project, you need to determine what sort of skill set and personality suits your project. For some commissions, artists may need to specialize in architecture and space design. Other projects may require knowledge in statics, tech, or even electrics.

How long would an artist need to develop an idea/concept for my project? What is the timeline and process in general?

If time is a crucial factor, we can think of art solutions that can be installed in a short amount of time: a few days. Alternatively, solutions might include assembling parts of the artwork beforehand, so that less time on-site is needed. However, more complex concepts or constructions can take a few weeks, or in rare cases even months. This is more likely to be the case when many details are involved or certain elements have to be built beforehand, e.g. welding work. In general, the process goes as follows: we brief the artist, and then they come back with a first draft. Once this draft has been reviewed and approved by you, the artist is ready to start working on the actual piece.

Given its “rebellious” nature, is street art compatible with real estate companies?

Absolutely. Especially in the last decades, we’ve seen fruitful relationships between street artists and real estate developers grow. Since neighborhoods like Wynwood have become a must-see spot for Miami’s visitors, street artists and developers have realized that neighborhoods can effectively appreciate in value when they cooperate and work together.

What brings more value to my property: interior art or public art?

Both bring value to your property, but in different ways. Generally speaking, interior art provides value to the specific real estate project where it is located. Public art provides value to a whole area, increasing the value of not just a single property, but often every property in the area.

Other artistic services

Our global network of visual artists is constantly innovating, using a variety of materials, methodologies, tools, and concepts – from strokes of paint to snippets of code.

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