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Our passion is value-based matchmaking for outstanding purpose-driven marketing campaigns.

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Our story

Basa Studio has its roots in a small kitchen in Lisbon, but today our base is a cosy, mural-covered office in Kreuzberg, at the heart of Berlin’s creative scene.

We’ve been connecting artists and brands for almost 10 years, and during that time we’ve honed our focus on the most successful and rewarding collaborations – those where a company with ambition and values connects with an artist who can bring their vision to life.

We’re passionate about supporting artists to develop their practice, and we encourage the companies we work with to become advocates for art – recognising the unique potential that creativity has in an increasingly automated world. Most of all, we love seeing target audiences react to some of the incredible projects we’ve made.

As creative entrepreneurs, we work at the intersection of the art and business worlds, and our experience and knowledge of marketing ensures that our projects fulfil the needs of both companies and artists, while exciting audiences across the globe.

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