Installation Advertising

Promote your brand and enhance your marketing strategy with the power of art installations

Installation Advertising

Promote your brand and enhance your marketing strategy with the power of art installations
Netflix Ecstasy-pills installation
Netflix Ecstasy-pills installation
Installaiton Adversiting for Hendricks
Glass installation Bikini Berlin
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What is installation advertising or installation marketing?

Installation marketing or advertising is the art of using creative installations to promote a message or product, or to raise awareness of a brand. Also known as experiential marketing installations or ambient outdoor advertising, this form of marketing can be used both indoors and in outdoor public spaces.

The purpose of installation advertising is to grab the attention of the passer-by, ideally generating a shareable moment for social media – aka an Instagram moment.

In the last 30 years, installation advertising has become a preferred marketing strategy of global top brands, as these campaigns wow people on-site and simultaneously reach a whole new audience through going viral. If successfully done, a well-rounded marketing campaign involving branded art installations can be super powerful and cost-effective, given the installations’ unexpected nature and the organic virality they can generate online.


Selected projects

These are some of our top projects

Marketing installation for Bikini Berlin
Giant astronaut festival installation
Installation Marketing for GLO tobacco
Branded installation for Johnnie Walker
Indoors ambient Glass installation Berlin
Ecstasy-pills Installation for Netflix Bikini Berlin
Installation Advertising for PRADA
Experiential Marketing for Hendricks gin

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Expert tip

What our experts recommend

Expert tip
quotes quotes
For a successful campaign using experiential marketing installations, or any form of installation advertising, the right location is make or break. I recommend allocating part of your budget to location scouting and the permission process, in order to ensure a smooth run when the installation artists or the interactive installation companies step in to work their magic, bringing the space to life. In a well-frequented area, spectators are likely to gather, come back on following days to witness the process, and share the making of the installations on social media – which might also result in local media picking up the story.

Depending on your budget, multi-sensory installation pieces, often tech-based, are a fantastic option. They offer your target customers an experience unlike any they’ve had before. 
Mario Rueda, Marketing Manager and MD at Basa Studio

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to queries you may have

What is a brand installation or branded installation?

A branded installation is a large, commonly tri-dimensional art installation that is presented as part of a brand message, often in the context of a marketing campaign.

What is the goal of a branded installation?

The goal of a branded installation is to grab the customer’s attention and engage them in an authentic and original way, creating an unforgettable experience in connection with the promoted brand.

Can a brand installation be interactive?

Yes, a brand installation can be interactive. Most branded installations are perfect photo moments, highly Instagrammable. Many brand installations are walkable, immersive, participatory, or even gamified.

What does a branded art installation cost?

The cost of a branded art installation varies depending on several factors: the size, the creator, and the location. It can range from 5,000 - 200,000 €, and may cost more if it involves expensive technologies (for example, video mapping projections, multi-sensory technologies, and AR/VR).

How long does it take to build the installation?

If time is a crucial factor, we can develop art installations that only require a short amount of time to assemble; usually a few days. Alternatively, a solution might include assembling parts of the installation beforehand to spend less time on-site. However, larger and more complex concepts or constructions can take up to a few weeks, and in rare cases even months. This is particularly likely if many details are involved, or certain elements have to be built beforehand, e. g. welding work.

Is it legal to advertise with a branded installation in a public space?

City permissions are generally needed when building a branded installation for advertising purposes. Get in touch and we can advise you on this topic.

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