Interactive 3D art

Create impactful, interacting, and engaging marketing campaigns with the power of 3D pavement art.

Interactive 3D art

Create impactful, interacting, and engaging marketing campaigns with the power of 3D pavement art.
3D street mural and pavement art
3D street mural and pavement art
3D art backdrop for BMW
3D graffiti art mural on wall
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What is 3D street art?

3D street art is a form of urban art. The artist creates anamorphic paintings on the ground or on a wall – anamorphic means that through distortion they are designed to create a fascinating optical illusion when viewed from one specific vantage point.

3D street art, or pavement art, has been a fantastic tool for advertisers in recent decades. Often called 3D art advertising or 3D graffiti advertising, this form of marketing is a winner when it comes to sparking interaction with people and creating photo opportunities for both adults and children.

3D pavement art is believed to have originated in Italy in the 1600s. First introduced by nomadic artists called Maddonari, 3D pavement art is now a celebrated form of street art – appreciated by many but practiced by few, precisely because of its complexity and difficulty. The best Maddonari or street painting artists have been honing their skills for decades, and are usually busy jumping from city to city, creating art for festivals and client commissions across the globe. Given the high demand for this artistic solution for advertisement, and the limited number of artists offering this service, it is advisable to plan a 3D street painting campaign a few months in advance.


Selected projects

These are some of our top projects

Pavement art marketing in shopping mall
Colorful papagayo 3D mural art
Alexander Gersts 3D pavement art in Kuenzelsau
3D street art marketing for Müller
3D pavement art in hotel entrance
3D graffiti art on wall for event
3D pavement art for Warner Bros
3D anamorphic art
3D art mural for BMW's showroom

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Expert tip

What our experts recommend

Expert tip
quotes quotes
If I had to choose one cost-effective way of attracting customers to a stand or a shop, or simply encouraging them to interact with my brand, I would definitely pick 3D pavement art. It’s not only amusing – it always creates this wow-moment for people, one that will stay in their minds for a long time. 

3D street advertising doesn’t get old, and won’t get older. I see a younger generation of 3D street artists emerging who have great talent and are interested in providing brands with even more impactful and efficient services, choosing materials that are non-toxic and more durable, and using portable surfaces. 
Charlotte Specht, founder of Basa Studio

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to queries you may have

What are the types of 3D street art?

The 2 main types of street art are 3D street art on the ground (3D pavement art), and 3D street art on a vertical surface (3D mural graffiti art).

Why is 3D street art good for advertising?

3D street art is great for advertising because it’s a highly engaging and cost-effective way of associating your brand with wonder and creativity, making magical memories for customers.

What is the ideal size of a 3D street art piece?

For a 3D street art advertising action, we recommend an artwork of at least 16m² (172 ft²) to create an impactful optical illusion.

How much does a piece of 3D street art cost?

The cost of a 3D street artwork depends on its size and complexity. We estimate that to create a 16 m² (172 ft²) piece requires at least 3,000 €. That covers the creation of the artwork; there is also the artist’s travel and accommodation costs on top.

Does a 3D painting need it to be painted directly onto the ground, or can it be painted onto a mobile surface?

The 3D painting can be painted directly onto the ground, or alternatively onto a mobile surface like PVC. When painting onto the ground, the artist can choose chalk, which is easy to erase, or more durable paints. When working onto a mobile surface, the 3D artwork can be painted by hand or printed.

How durable is a 3D art piece?

This depends on where the 3D artwork is located. For example, a marketing campaign in an area with high foot traffic is likely to deteriorate quickly. To make it last longer, we recommend using more durable paints that can better withstand rain and friction from shoes. For even better durability, you can also choose to print the painting – the 3D artist will send you a digital file and give you clear instructions for how to print and install the art. If durability is your priority, this is an excellent option. A printed version can not only be more durable, but also easier to transport and reuse.

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