Street Marketing

We help you with your urban and guerrilla marketing campaigns using the power of artists and creators.

Street Marketing

We help you with your urban and guerrilla marketing campaigns using the power of artists and creators.
Street marketing action for Hendricks Gin
Street marketing action for Hendricks Gin
Guerrilla action for Maybelline. Photo: Max Threlfall
Downtown grenade - guerrilla action
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What is street marketing?

Street marketing is a type of urban marketing or guerrilla marketing favored by large and small companies alike. Street marketing stands out from other types of marketing because combining a creative idea with technologies like social networks can be very cost effective (low-cost, high-impact), given the tendency of inventive campaigns to go viral.

The network effect of a street guerrilla marketing campaign depends on how unexpected the creative or artistic action is. Complexity should be avoided. The simpler the better.

As these kinds of campaigns are on the streets, for the public, they tend to be simple in nature. They need to be understood by everyone and to be as obvious – but brilliant – as possible.

Street marketing artworks are generally made out of urban elements found in public spaces, like stop signs, sidewalks, zebra crossings, bus stops, or even just public walls or floors. Because of their public nature, street guerrilla promotional stunts generally require permission from the local authorities to be deployed. 

Selected projects

These are some of our top projects

Painting Helmets for Uber users
Street marketing Berlin for Hendricks Gin
Guerrilla marketing supporting Black Lives Matter
Action for Maybelline. © M. Threlfall
Street phone booth painting for Costa Coffee
Hendricks Gin street marketing in metro stop in Berlin
#KeineBerlinOhneKultur giant letters in an old airport
Live painting - guerrilla marketing action for Katjes

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Street guerrilla marketing expertise.
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Our network of +1000 creators includes some of the globe’s top creative minds for street marketing campaigns.
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We have worked with +100 top brands in the past 10 years.
We take care of everything.
From finding the right creators and handling communication, to location scouting, city permissions, contracting and more, we’ve got it.
Value-based matching with the right creator.
We believe that the best creations are made when artists and brands are on the same page value-wise. We make sure this happens.

Expert tip

What our experts recommend

Expert tip
quotes quotes
Street guerrilla marketing is often based on simple ideas, so that when you see them you think: “Of course, how come nobody thought of this before?!” In the past 10 years, I have watched guerrilla marketing undergo a beautiful evolution from a non-replicable, non-scalable, non-measurable, one-off-event type of campaign, into a replicable, scalable, and highly measurable marketing action. With the aid of smart devices and technologies such as AR, VR, and XR, guerrilla street marketing can now happen in multiple locations at the same time, providing a fantastic online-offline hybrid effect that results in more visibility and exposure for your brand. 
The beauty of it is that the price is still much lower than what you pay for ads on Google or social media – so even the small guys can put together street marketing campaigns. What’s also fascinating about guerrilla street marketing is that the best ideas are those that are 100% authentic, grassroots-level, and popular with everyone, regardless of income level, age, skin color or gender. 
Mario Rueda, Marketing manager and co-founder Basa Studio

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to queries you may have

What’s the precise definition of street guerilla marketing?

Our definition of street guerilla marketing is marketing that is generally low-budget, which sets out to impress the public or an audience with an unexpected and authentic act, appearance, installation, action, or intervention, using unconventional objects or spaces that belong to, or are easily accessed by, the public.

How do I do street marketing?

To successfully do street marketing, you just need to answer 4 questions: 1) What’s the message you want your audience to take home? Basically: what’s the objective of the campaign? 2) How do you want to deliver that message? 3) Where is the perfect spot in the city to deliver the message, and when is the best time? Remember, you want to ensure it is so memorable that people talk about it for decades. 4) How do you want to measure the impact of your campaign?

Could you give me some street marketing ideas?

Sure! So, some street marketing ideas are: gamified interactive guerrilla installations; guerrilla (projection) mapping on a city's landmarks or unexpected surfaces; painting zebra crossings; placing stencil art in key spaces around the city; using interactive holograms in a key location to disrupt people’s daily routines; offering free sampling of products with a twist; AR-based street actions. The options are limitless.

What’s the best way to build a creative street marketing campaign?

To build a creative and successful street marketing campaign you need to find the right creators who can help you conceptualize the idea. Then you need to make sure you have the right partners (creators, artists, builders, technologies, marketers) to implement the idea. Lastly, make sure you have a way to measure the impact of your campaign.

How much would a street marketing campaign cost?

The cost of a street marketing campaign varies significantly, depending on the type of equipment, materials, and labour needed. We have seen budgets of anything from 500 up to 200,000 € for a guerrilla marketing campaign. The important takeaway is that even though budget may limit – or not – your possibilities, the key thing is having an inventive idea and the right team to implement it.

Is street marketing effective?

Street marketing is one of the most effective types of promotional marketing out there. It is cost-effective. It is great at reaching the right people at the right time. It is ideal for cities because, if done well, it is non-invasive. And now, because of technology, it is an effective scalable solution that can be used by all kinds of companies at any time.

Other artistic services

Our global network of visual artists is constantly innovating, using a variety of materials, methodologies, tools, and concepts – from strokes of paint to snippets of code.

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