Our key for creating unforgettable artistic solutions

Benefit from our long-standing experience in sparking successful brand and artist collaborations around the globe.

Highlighted artistic services  Highlighted artistic services

Value-based artist mediation

We specialize in matching you with the best artistic talent, from Berlin to New York. With our in-depth knowledge of creative scenes, we seek out artists at the forefront of their field who are value-driven and perfect for your project.

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    Based on your briefing, brand message, and target audience, we connect you with the perfect creative partner.

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    Profiling beyond talent

    We know which values our artists stand for and will ensure they fuse with your brand mission.

Artistic solutions in your ideation phase

Bring us on board early-stage to support you in the first phase of creating concepts. We know what's in our artists' imaginations, waiting to be brought to life.

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    Concept creation

    Give us a defined goal and we help you come up with ideas how to realize it through artistic solutions.

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    Creative concept source

    For our partners, we provide a constant flow of artistic solutions, straight from our artists' ateliers. Contact us to become a partner.

Implementation of briefings and artist booking

We have years of experience in executing projects of all sizes – from one-artist commissions to installations with entire production teams. Send us your briefing, and we find the most efficient way to implement it.

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    Technical matchmaking

    We match you with the creative who excels in a specific technique and can communicate the desired brand message in the ideal way.

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    Requests and quotes

    We help you reach your desired artist within hours to request interest, availability, and formal quotes.

Foundation services

As well as specializing in complex and ambitious projects, we also provide an excellent range of foundation services.

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    We pre-filter artists for you, connecting you with those who are talented, professional, and proactive. This ensures effective communication and smooth operations throughout your project.

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    From providing artist bios and official quotes to invoicing and filling your supplier forms, we're organizational pros who complete tasks quickly and professionally.

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    Project management

    From the initial sketches to the production and execution, we provide full project management.

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    For a smooth course of action, we keep on top of the conversation and ensure both you and the artist are in touch and up-to-date.

Pitch support

Developing ideas for a pitch? We're right there with you – tell us your mission, and we'll help you draw up a creative concept.

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    Free cost estimates

    For our partners, we provide cost-free support for pitch preparation. Contact us to become a partner.

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    Lightning-fast estimates

    For pitches, we know you needed everything yesterday. Send us a detailed brief and we start sprinting.

Extra services

These are a few more services we offer at the interface of the creative and the commercial world.

Highlighted artistic services

Our network of creatives stretches around the globe. Here is a selection of some of the most popular and innovative artistic services you might be looking at for your next project.

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us for any of our services above. We're also open to requests for topics beyond those we've listed. Our team in Berlin will get back to you as soon as possible. If you already have a specific project you'd like to brief us on, please click "Send briefing". Talk soon!

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