Video Mapping

Video mapping services for large outdoors and indoors marketing and advertising campaigns.

Video Mapping

Video mapping services for large outdoors and indoors marketing and advertising campaigns.
Video mapping project in the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Video mapping project in the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Video mapping projection for festival in Germany
Video mapping projection in Berlin
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What is projection mapping advertising or marketing?

Projection mapping advertising is a tech-based marketing technique where animated 3D video mapping is projected onto surfaces – usually those which are large and uneven. With this superposed video projection technique, the surface, building or object appears to be moving or coming to life, creating a wow-moment for people nearby. In recent years, projection mapping advertising has proven to be a fantastic tool for generating brand awareness and engagement.

Also known as 3D video mapping, and related to spatial augmented reality, projection mapping is a projection technique used by artists and creators to add extra dimensions and movement to an irregular surface. It’s increasingly used by companies and organizations to promote their products, values, and campaigns.

Many brands who choose projection mapping advertising for their marketing initiatives also decide to make it interactive and immersive, offering the audience an unforgettable experience that they’ll be keen to share with friends – and on social media. This means projection mapping is a great out-of-the-box marketing tool with proven positive ROI. Well-made projection mapping on large surfaces requires significant expertise and sizeable budgets. 

Selected projects

These are some of our top projects

Video mapping advertising for Rossmann
Video mapping projection for festival in Germany
Telekinetic and videomapping advertising
Mapping on historical building
Façade mapping
Video mapping projection in Berlin
Video mapping on the Victory Column, Berlin
Projection mapping across multiple buildings

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Projection mapping advertising expertise.
We are pros at connecting brand briefings with projection and video mapping artists.
Network of the best video mapping artists.
Our network of +1000 creators includes some of the globe’s top video mapping artists.
Fast solutions and ideas for urgent pitches.
We understand your tight timeline and are ready to provide quick solutions.
+10 years experience with global brands.
We have worked with +100 top brands in the past 10 years.
We take care of everything.
From finding the right projection mapping artists and handling communication, to location scouting, city permissions, contracting and more, we’ve got it.
Value-based matching with the right creator.
We believe that the best creations are made when artists and brands are on the same page value-wise. We make sure this happens.

Expert tip

What our experts recommend

Expert tip
quotes quotes
As a city dweller, there is nothing more fascinating than watching and experiencing a story being projected onto your city’s most iconic landmark. That is why video or projection mapping is so powerful. It has the ability to communicate ideas without being intrusive – spreading a message directly in your neighborhood. The best thing is that nowadays the content of the video can be adapted to any situation or brand message, and then projected onto any type of surface. Basically, the sky's the limit.

As someone who has been working with brands to communicate powerful messages for over 10 years, I have to say that video mapping advertising is one of my favorite ways of engaging with locals, and sharing with them a message or a story that will definitely stick in their minds. 
Heiko Neitzel, visual art expert

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to queries you may have

How much does projection mapping cost?

The cost of projection mapping depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the duration (number of days/weeks) of the projection. We estimate small projects will cost at least 5,000 €. Large projects can go above the 200,000 € threshold.

How do you create content for projection mapping and can it be adapted to a briefing?

The content to be projected onto the surface via video mapping can be created by one of our artists, and can fit whatever is desired by you or your customer.

What should the video mapping be projected onto?

It can be projected onto whole buildings (architectural mapping projection), temporary surfaces such as large containers, houses, churches, important city landmarks, monuments, sculptures, or street art murals. It can also be projected onto trees, a forest, a mountain, a river, or the ground. Pretty much any surface out there!

What are the use cases for projection mapping?

Projection or video mapping is a great tool for advertising and building brand awareness, as well as for the reactivation of points of interest and city landmarks, and for unforgettable experiential corporate events.

Do I need a permit for a video mapping advertising installation in a public space?

Yes, generally you need a permit for a video mapping advertising installation in a public space. We are happy to guide you through the steps, help with the process of getting the right permit, and anything else you need in order to make this happen.

How long does it take to set up a projection mapping installation?

A projection mapping installation can take anything from a couple of days, usually for simple projects, to weeks when the design is more complex or the location of the surface is harder to reach.

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Our global network of visual artists is constantly innovating, using a variety of materials, methodologies, tools, and concepts – from strokes of paint to snippets of code.

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