Benefits of mural advertising:  Getting your brand out there, loud and clear
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Benefits of mural advertising: Getting your brand out there, loud and clear

Benefits of mural advertising: Getting your brand out there, loud and clear

Jonas Butt

When you hear “out-of-home advertising”, you might think of that billboard you saw by the street earlier, but you’ll probably struggle to remember what was on it.

In a field where success depends on constant innovation, advertising is collaborating with art, reinventing the mode with hand-painted advertising murals as key parts of campaigns – which even rival the digital realm as we know it.
Wondering how a painting can make such an impact? Let’s look at the benefits mural advertising offers and the different forms it can take.

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Large and loud turns heads

Subtlety is never on the agenda of an outdoor mural. When the artist makes their mark, the impression created by its size and color steps out of the cityscape and into the focus of every passer-by – often unexpectedly.
Here’s where mural advertising really makes an impact; not only do brands enjoy a presence as an urban giant, but they also reach people on an artistic level, creating instant memories that colorfully complement the everyday.

Bright outdoor wall mural painted by Lucy Lucy.

The wall’s potential rests on the versatility of the hand-painted craft. You might be struck by a hyper-realistic picture spanning the length of a whole block, or you might turn a corner and find yourself deciphering the details of a long and abstract visual trail. 
Both of these forms illustrate the spectrum that is on offer. Clients can have their own idea realized as a lifelike projection, created by artists with outstanding technical skills. Or they can embed their brand in one artist’s style, consulting with the creative to conjure up the perfect imagery to fit their brand.
That’s why advertising is finding a new triumph out of the home – the mural has become the meeting point for artists and brands alike, embodying the endless possibilities of tailored creativity.

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Jason Parker for XBox - Mural advertising
Jason Parker for VANS - OOH campaign

Benefits of mural advertising

With mural adverts, it isn’t just the end result that attracts attention. As soon as the first few lines are painted on a plain old wall, people in the area become keen spectators of the rest of the process. Those lucky enough to get a balcony view are sure to take pictures of every step.
It’s a live show that unravels over days, where locals watch as outlines, colors and symbols flourish into one of their neighborhood’s focal points. If the city is a thistle, then street art is its flower – it’s nicer to see it blossom than to count the thorns.
This video gives an insight into the eye-catching process of mural artists Innerfields.


Social media spotlight on street art

From then on, the modern world takes care of exposure! The age of smartphones has transformed many people into aspiring photographers, capturing the changes to their urban environment. The search to discover outstanding places in the world has swelled; it’s no wonder that streets decorated with talent have become a staple of our snaps.
It’s true that art in general always finds a good companion in social media, so when a wall becomes a backdrop for Instagrammers, street art advertising is offered a channel that lets it jump off of its own canvas.

Augmented reality breathes life into paint

But for some street artists, the relationship between their creations and smart technology isn’t limited to social media. Muralist and graffiti artist Fat Heat takes his creations a step further using augmented reality, which lets you first appreciate the stunning mural as it is, then hold up your smart device and be blown away as the wall starts to animate and different parts move around.
It’s aspects like these that give murals their innovative edge when used as a form of advertising. 
Brands now have even more options to explore, and with the chance to bring paint to life, any campaign can increase its reach and attain new heights of interaction in the out-of-home avenue. 


Basa Studio: Framing brands over the city’s streets

With an exceptional network of international artists and years of experience coordinating innovative projects, Basa Studio is leading this exciting fusion of art and brands with expertise that can match the right talent with any outdoor advertising aspiration.

Our service takes care of finding the right space with wide exposure, obtaining permission from the city authorities, and co-ordinating with the artist. Whether you’re looking to make a bold static statement or create a memorable advertising spectacle with AR, mural advertising can help you achieve any campaign ambition – all you need is a wall.
 If you’re looking for insights into the process and how much a mural advertising campaign costs, check out our article dedicated to that topic. 

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